A Study In Art Direction

The splendid architecture and geology of Venice has always intrigued me.  It was top of my list (maybe after Santorini) as a personal study in environment design, not least because floating around is my favourite form of transport.

In particular, the ultra-lavish interior of St Mark’s Basilica gave me some ironic inspiration.  I always feel a contradictory sense of unease when I question the human cost of such extreme man-made beauty.  C360_2014-10-08-19-53-50-872_orgSTMARCKSBAS.jpg

What is the most valuable thing today?  Data?  Imagine a library that stores every facet of human knowledge, a metaphor in itself, which evolves into a brutalistic metaphor for the contrast between excess and poverty.  Besides references found from a Google search of “Baroque Library”, this out-take took partial inspiration from the opulence of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice, which was both awe inspiring as it was controversial symbol of Venice’s wealth and power.

Music credit: Vann Westfold

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