That Banner

I took the original picture of this herd of sheep gathered right next to the road from the window of the car in La Manga, Spain,.

Only one sheep looked me in the eye.  It reminded me of the autistic girl’s story, and proceeded to apply a few layers in Photoshop. Result:

1.Screen shot 2015-10-03 at AM 11.59.49
Use the Magic Wand to select the sky.
2.Screen shot 2015-10-03 at PM 12.06.35
Select Inverse, and use the Lasso tool to eliminate the other sheep
3.Screen shot 2015-10-03 at PM 12.07.13
You may need several tries at first.  Undo if necessary.
4.Screen shot 2015-10-03 at PM 12.08.26
Create a new layer and remove the background to isolate the sheep
5.Screen shot 2015-10-03 at PM 12.25.07
Apply appropriate hue & saturation (colorize)
6. Screen shot 2015-10-03 at PM 12.37.01
Use brush tool & paint lines swiftly (undo a gazillion times if necessary)
7. Screen shot 2015-10-03 at PM 01.00.13
Apply Blend Modes such as Multiply if necessary.  Reducing the opacity slightly also gives a more believable look.
Finally, paint on antennae and wings.