Imitation is flattery?  Debatable.  My friends and I have been writing parody songs since we were kids, and it’s become a habit I’ve tried hard to kick ever since.  In a latest attempt to quit, I’ve chosen the driest, most mundane topics as therapy.  This page is part of the rehabilitative process.

In case you clicked “Agree” but skipped reading all those social media terms of agreement and data policies, by clicking on this parody song, you hereby may stand a fleeting chance of catching a glimpse of what it was all about.   Thanks to Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeren.


Another dull endeavour some millennials “can’t even…” is watching iconic old films.  I’ve paired a few of them with an equally iconic song worthy of imitation – Jessie J’s Price Tag, for three and a half minutes you’ll never get back.