50 First Dates With WE

W.E. Social Enterprise Pte. Ltd. is a social enterprise that serves to raise the dignity of Persons with Special Needs (PSNs) by offering them employment opportunities in Singapore.  Every visit is new, refreshing and a renewed honour to work with the staff there.  I’ll be back.

Sheepwalker: A True Story

Sheepwalker is based on a true story of an autistic child’s encounter with sheep. To manage such a situation, exercising patience, presence of mind and resourcefulness are needed. Do you have what it takes?

This is the first of a series of mini-games based on the story of Auton’s Answers, about an autistic boy befriended by the inquisitive Derrie.  The series aims to raise awareness and familiarity of special needs conditions among children, as well as to employ special needs talents in production.


Another game is set at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, inspired by a little incident there, dedicated to the Purple Parade movement for awareness of special needs.


Giving Time True Value

Several times day, from varying sources, a scream of anguish shakes the office.  Someone forgot to save.

Reminders to frequently keep incremental saves, backup work, and check stuff…are apparently not enough.

I’m a relic of the supposed good ‘ol days, when miscalculations were catastrophic.  Triple checking our own work became instinctive.   Back when one hard lesson would give you a lifelong gift: The ability to value your own time and the time of others.